Photo by Alix Brown

Photo by Alix Brown

Connecting the big picture with the details to build stronger systems

“In actuality design is not really about how it looks, it’s about the system thinking that went into [a product]”
— John MaedaMIT Technology Review – June 2, 2015


The future of design is bringing creative and analytical processing together to create systems that engage, teach, and inspire people to explore possibilities. This creative process connects behaviors and human needs to the user experiences that build business strategy. Through data collection, research and testing, the design process can also manage risk through our current rapidly changing environments.     

I am a hybrid thinker that has combined design and project manager experiences into a role that can see the big picture with the details. This background that combines design and operations allows me to develop and manage processes that can connect strategy and execution with its details. It gives me the experiences and detailed knowledge of the creative, human-centered design were by developing its necessary processes, allows the creation of relevant experiences for the user, and by doing so, drive business strategy that thrives. As a result, organizations can focus on improving human experiences that meet the challenges of our complex world. 

I am passionate about using design to create a better world and believe that we can develop systems that can shape a more sustainable future.

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Design Insights


Design systems address the challenges that we face today. Strategic design systems are everywhere today. It's important to understand how to create and implement them to design engagement and relevant experiences for people; I have been writing about strategic design. These essays give me the chance to share my thoughts towards design thinking and human-centered design. They also give me a platform for research and continuous learning. Click here to read my thoughts on strategic design and design thinking and how they fit within our world and culture. Older Insights have been moved over from